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ICRISAT and Plantix Celebrate a Decade of Collaboration 

ICRISAT and Plantix Celebrate a Decade of Collaboration 

Plantix app impacts over 30 million smallholder farmers

Through the seamless integration of technology and agricultural expertise, over 30 million smallholder farmers in the semi-arid tropics have been empowered with real-time plant health management advice, significantly improving farming practices. 

Leveraging the strengths of the Plantix app's AI-driven diagnostics, powered by research and data from the International Crops Research Institute for the Semi-Arid Tropics (ICRISAT), farmers can quickly address many agricultural challenges.

Commenting on the imminent ten-year milestone, Director General of ICRISAT, Dr Jacqueline d’Arros Hughes, reaffirmed the organization's commitment to supporting partnerships for sustainable development.

"We believe in the power of shared visions, combining science, innovation and technology to create effective solutions that truly benefit smallholder farmers,” stated Dr Hughes. “Together, we have achieved over 30 million downloads of the Plantix app and analyzed more than 100 million images, providing critical agricultural insights to millions of farmers worldwide.” 

The success of the initiative reflects the combined efforts of partners, collaborators, and the farming community, embodying a resilient and determined spirit that enhances productivity and encourages the adoption of sustainable farming practices across diverse ecosystems.

Chief Executive Officer of Plantix, Ms Simone Strey, extended gratitude to all stakeholders involved in the decade-long initiative and implored like-minded entities to join the mission of transforming agriculture through science and technology. 

“As we move forward, we are committed to enhancing our technology, broadening our impact, and steadfastly serving the farming community,” shared Ms Strey. “This journey is not just ours; it’s an invitation to come together in planting seeds of knowledge, hope and resilience for future farming generations.”

Sowing a Seed of Change 

In recognition of the 10-year milestone, ICRISAT and Plantix proudly unveiled a commemorative brochure, Sowing a Seed of Change.

“The brochure is a testament to a decade of dedication and progress and serves as a catalyst for conversations within agricultural networks worldwide,” said Dr Srikanth Rupavatharam, Senior Scientist-Digital Agriculture, Global Research Program for Resilient Farm and Food Systems at ICRISAT, who led efforts from the organization's multi-disciplinary research team. 

Commending the pioneering efforts of the entire team, Dr Mangi Lal Jat, Research Program Director, Resilient Farm and Food Systems at ICRISAT, said the project has laid the foundation for impactful change, driving progress and prosperity for smallholder farmers worldwide. 

"This innovative partnership with Plantix stands out as an exemplar of smallholder farmer-centric digital transformation," asserted Dr Jat. "I look forward to our continued collaboration, fostering agricultural innovation and creating lasting global impacts."
Sowing a seed of change
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This work aligns with SDG 17.
This work aligns with SDG 17.

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